What You Need to Know if You are Considering a Gas Log Set

Gas Log Sets - Installation - Best Gas Logs Toronto ONHave you just had a new gas fireplace installed, or are you thinking of moving into a home with one of these amazing appliances? If so, you’ll need to know a thing or two about gas log sets.
Gas log installation
Regardless of the style of gas logs you choose, an experienced professional should be called upon to perform the installation. The person doing the work must have a thorough understanding of gas fireplaces in general and a specific knowledge of their unique venting systems. In addition, these professionals have all the necessary tools and materials to do a job safely and efficiently while meeting all codes related to home heating systems.
The right size
Gas logs aren’t a “one size fits all” deal. The set you choose has to be sized appropriately for the size of your fireplace. Obviously, the set must fit into the firebox, but there also needs to be sufficient room for air and a reasonable space between the set and the walls of the fireplace, otherwise overheating will result. Enlist the help of a hearth expert when deciding on a log set for your fireplace.
Cost of operation
One of the reasons some homeowners choose a gas fireplace is because it can be less expensive to run, overall, than a wood-burning model. By using gas logs to heat your room, not only money is saved but also hassle. With gas logs, you buy the set, have it installed, and sit back and enjoy it. A fireplace that burns wood requires the regular purchase of logs as well as transport and storage.
Adjustable flames
Not all gas log sets come with the technology that allows you to control the size of the flames. If this feature is important to you, make sure to buy this kind of set.
Control options
For the easiest ignition of gas log sets, go with the match light option. You just place the flame from a match or lighter near the burner and open the valve. You can also add more convenience with a remote control, a switch on the wall or a thermostat. The options available for your specific fireplace will be largely determined by its venting style. Ask an expert about your heat and flame-control options.
The safety pilot
This is a great feature that can save lives. The safety pilot causes the gas flow to stop in the event the pilot light is extinguished or there’s a disruption in the flow of the gas. Always look for this feature when purchasing a gas log set.
Turning off the pilot light
A common question from gas fireplace users is whether they should turn off the pilot light during the seasons when the unit isn’t in operation. If the system is working properly, there’s no safety-related reason to extinguish the pilot light, but doing so will save you a little bit of money.
Replacing embers
Because embers in gas log sets don’t burn, they’ll perform well for several years. Eventually, though, they will fade and replacement will be required.
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