Is Wood an Environmentally-Friendly Fuel Source?

With more and more people understanding what’s happening with our environment and caring about how we treat it, it’s only natural that questions arise about the best type of fuel to use in a fireplace or stove. Where the environment is concerned, wood is considered by many to be among the best choices.
Benefits of burning wood in your fireplace
Everything that burns releases substances into the air. That can’t be avoided. But the interesting thing about wood is that it’s the only combustible substance that both gives and takes, causing it to be known as carbon neutral.
Unlike coal, natural gas and other fossil fuels, wood absorbs as much carbon dioxide while in its natural state as it puts back into the atmosphere when it burns. This intake/outtake makes a perfect balance. Conversely, fossil fuels don’t pull carbon dioxide into themselves, rather they only fill the air with this substance when burned.
Wood is sustainable and renewable
There are a variety of fuel sources available to power home heating appliances such as stoves and fireplaces. These include natural gas, propane, coal and electricity. However, the only heating appliance fuel that is both renewable and sustainable is wood.
The trees from which fireplace logs originate can be planted in large numbers. We have control over replenishing our forests and harvesting the wood we need as a fuel source. People don’t control the creation of fossil fuels – whatever resources exists are a finite quantity. With trees, we’re able to provide generation after generation with the wood needed for heating and a variety of other uses.
Cleaner burning = less environmental damage
While it’s true that wood, when burned, does produce carbon dioxide, modern fireplace insert and stove design coupled with stricter standards set forth by the Environmental Agencies have made the wood-burning process much more efficient and less damaging to the environment.
The result is fires that burn as much as 80 percent more efficiently. This means a cleaner burn with significantly less negative impact on the air and our environment.
Everyone has his own reasons for choosing a specific type of fuel to use in a home heating appliance. We’ve presented some reasons here that are important to a growing number of people these days, which is why so many people are choosing wood for their fireplaces and stoves.
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