Wood Fireplace Inserts are a Good Choice: Here’s Why

Have you heard the statistics about traditional fireplaces? Claims that they are inefficient and can lose more heat than they provide in winter are true. But have you also heard the good news that you can convert your fireplace into an efficient appliance with a fireplace insert, without sacrificing the beauty or charm of the appliance? Also true. The fact is that wood-burning fireplace inserts are a smart choice, and the following explains why in more detail:
Lower Heating Costs
Fireplace inserts have efficiency ratings of up to 80%, which means the heat produced by the fire is put to good use, heating your home well enough to turn off central heating for a while. Made of steel or cast iron, fireplace inserts are built for the purpose of being installed inside of a masonry fireplace or zero-clearance fireplace. Because of the more intense heat produced in a fireplace insert, chimneys often need to be re-lined when the appliance is installed.
Less Air Leakage
Air leakage is one of the inefficiencies associated with traditional fireplaces. The crux of the problem is that dampers don’t seal adequately to prevent the exchange of air from indoors to outdoors. When a fireplace isn’t being used and the damper is closed, most of the time, a lot of the heat from a home escapes up the chimney in winter. There are solutions, such as installing a chimney top damper. But the added damper doesn’t change the fact that most of the heat from fires in the fireplace is lost up the chimney.
Glass doors are included with a fireplace insert, and the doors provide an efficient seal that can virtually prevent air loss when not in use.
Fuel Efficiency
A fireplace insert creates a different type of burning environment. You will burn less firewood and yet produce much more heat, due to the innovative design of wood-burning fireplace inserts. Deforestation in the U.S. is no longer something to be concerned about when you burn logs, because of strict regulations which require trees that are cut down to be replaced. However, you may appreciate the fact that logs burn longer and more consistently in a fireplace insert, and the heat in the firebox is projected into your home. Efficient burning of the logs also means that fewer particles and noxious gases are produced by your home fires.
Smart and Beautiful
Not only do you gain a lot with a wood fireplace insert as far as efficiency, but you don’t even need to make a sacrifice with regard to aesthetics. It’s no secret that fireplaces in homes are often most appreciated for the beauty of their architecture. Fireplace inserts change the appearance of your hearth, but you still have the benefit of a beautiful appliance with glass doors that allow you to enjoy watching the flames of a fire.
Visit one of our stores and see firsthand the many floor samples of fireplace inserts. The sooner you install a fireplace insert, the sooner you will benefit from the improvements in efficiency.