Wood Products

This is where you find about the range in our Wood Products

Traditional Wood Fireplaces

The beauty of having a traditional wood fireplace in your home is that it can provide a great aesthetic to the whole room. Not only that, our range of traditional wood fireplaces will giveyou outstanding efficiency in heating your home. Simply perfect on those cold winter nights. If you want the additional of a gorgeous centerpiece in your home, then our high-standard traditional wood fireplaces are perfect for you and your home.

Contemporary Wood Fireplaces

Worried that a traditional wood fireplace will not fit in with the aesthetic of your home? Don't worry we've got you covered with our stunning contemporary wood fireplaces. With our extensive range of modern wood burning fireplaces, you can experience the amazing views of the glowing embers. This modern wood fireplace range provides efficient and effective heat output.

Wood Insert

A wood insert is a fashionable choice as it can burn wood or pellet, and is fitted by being inserted into your existing masonry fireplace. An insert can rejuvenate the whole room as well as the bonus of it being an effective heating method. The great thing about our wood insert range is that is the cost-effective option instead of installing a new gas or wood fire. A wood insert is a popular option at the moment, due to the versatile options that you can have through adding a contemporary yet rustic feel to your home.

Wooden Stoves

We have a variety of wooden stoves for you to select from the typical traditional look to the contemporary-traditional styles. Wooden stoves are so under-rated, and yet they are one of the most carbon-neutral energy providers. Not only that, if you have access to your wood supply, your heating is virtually free! Add character to your home with one of our wooden stoves. Search through our classic and contemporary ranges.

Multi-sided Units

If you want to may an impact, or you have a wall that needs brightening up – why not check out our multi-sided units. One of the main benefits of these fireplaces is that they are really energy efficient – you can literally heat up two rooms at once. Oh, and did we mention that we have some aesthetically pleasing designs? Provide a fantastic impact on two rooms at once!