Why Wood Stoves Are So Appealing

When you bring a new wood stove into your home, you probably will have had a primary reason for making the purchase.  Perhaps you’re looking forward to saving money on heating bills with a fuel source that can’t be beat in terms of economy.  Or maybe you have a room in your home that needs great zone heating.  Another reason may be the specific looks of today’s wood stoves – from slick and contemporary to old-fashioned and rustic.

Whatever your reason, you’re sure to enjoy your stove as a handsome addition to your home.  Here’s why.

Generations have heated with wood stoves

The first wood stove was patented in Strasburg, France, in 1557.  In the appliance’s early days, it was found primarily in the homes of the well-heeled as the cost of iron was prohibitive to most people.  The Industrial Revolution, in full swing by the turn of the 18th century, brought down the cost of the iron used to construct wood stoves.

Early stoves were purchased mainly for heating and cooking; the way the units looked was less important than their ability to provide heat during brutal winters in the days before you could get heat by simply turning a switch or setting a thermostat.

Wood stoves from the beginning operated on the same simple principle they do today: an enclosed space to burn wood (or coal), with a connected stove pipe or other vent system to carry smoke and exhaust out of the house.

Mass appeal of modern wood stoves

Today’s wood stoves are excellent supplemental heating sources, but there’s much more to them.  One big appeal-factor is that wood is a carbon-neutral fuel, which means that it leaves no “carbon footprint” on the environment.  Additionally, wood – unlike natural gas – is a renewable resource: as long as we have the means of planting trees, we’ll have wood.

A wood stove’s efficiency also is appealing.  Studies have demonstrated that wood is cheaper to heat with than gas and oil.  In one study a few years back wood generated 1 million BTUs of heat for $9.09, while it cost $12.61 to generate the same amount with natural gas and $18.53 to do it with oil.

Another advantage to wood stoves is that when a storm knocks out the power, wood still burns – and heats.  With a wood stove, you know you’ll stay warm, regardless what the weather decides to do.

Finally, the amazing design choices of modern wood stoves are enough to keep them in Canadian homes from coast to coast for years to come.  The variety of sizes, finishes, colors, shapes and performance levels make it easy for your new wood stove to be a lovely part of your home’s current décor.

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