Combining Beauty & Function, Wood Stoves Shed Their Bulky Image

Best rated wood stoves toronto When you think of a “wood stove,” what picture comes to mind?  Most people imagine the traditional clunky pot-bellied stove, black and rotund, full of logs and smoke and fire.  You can buy those kinds of stoves, but you’ll probably have to look in the “retro” section.  Today’s models definitely aren’t your grandpa’s wood stove.
Not that Grandpa didn’t have the right idea.  Wood stoves are excellent for supplemental heating, and they’re very safe when properly used.  But Grandpa would be astounded by the features modern wood stoves offer.  Here are a few:
·      Stylish decorator finishes and colors
·      Shapes and sizes that make a perfect fit for many areas in the home
·      Automated temperature and airflow settings
·      Catalytic combustor technology that meets or exceeds EPA exhaust standards
·      Respected manufacturers with names you trust
Let’s look at some of the most popular models.
Exciting wood stove designs
Morso 7600 Series: A circular design with a touch of femininity, these appliances feature big glass doors for easy viewing of the fire.
Wittus Trendline Series: These are perfect units for placement in the center of a room.  Rectangular in shape with a lovely finish and expert workmanship you can see right away.
Jotul F 370: This big seller was created by master Norwegian designers Hareide Design.  You have various materials options in this three-sided unit that offers an amazing view of the flames.
Stuv 30: Another modern stove that’s perfect for center-room placement, the Stuv 30 has elegant curves and sharp lines and features a turning plate to change the direction of the appliance.
Wittus Shakr: Innovation at its best.  The Shakr is compactly designed to stand on four stylish legs and is a great-looking stove for smaller spaces.
Regency Small Classic Wood Stove: Also a popular choice in a smaller stove is this model by Regency.  Its compact design is highly efficient and delivers an amazing 55,000 BTUs of heat.
Pacific Energy Alderla T5: For people seeking classical, traditional elegance, the Alderla T5 is a great choice.  Built with the durable steel fireboxes Pacific Energy is known for, this model combines the best cast iron and steel stove features.
Finding a high-efficiency, well-designed, durable and beautiful wood stove isn’t a problem these days.  Your only challenge will be deciding among the huge selection of styles, models and manufacturers.
Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces of Toronto can help you select the perfect wood-burning stove model for your specific needs and home décor.  Our experts are ready to show you all the wonderful models we carry in our showroom at 3322 Dundas Street West.  If you have questions about any hearth product, you can reach us at 416) 762-4582.