Zero-Clearance Fireplace: Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient, Ready-to-Install Fireplaces

Picture yourself with lower utility bills and warm home fires burning throughout winter. A zero-clearance fireplace can be affordably installed in the smallest or largest space in your home. A model that will fit perfectly with your décor is ready to install right now. Everyone knows about the charm of a masonry fireplace but you may be among those who are yet to discover the joys of wood, gas, and pellet-burning zero-clearance (ZC) fireplaces.

What is a Zero-Clearance Fireplace?

A zero-clearance fireplace is a pre-manufactured fireplace that is specially built to be safely installed almost directly against combustible materials, such as paneling, sheetrock, and wood. ZC fireplaces don’t get hot enough on the outer walls to create a burn hazard.
Installation of a zero-clearance fireplace is simple, especially as compared with a masonry fireplace.  Traditional fireplaces require extensive masonry work from the foundation up. Neither cement nor brick are required to be placed underneath or around a ZC fireplace, though the addition of masonry on the floor underneath and walls behind can create more of an authentic feel. It’s possible to have a ZC fireplace installed very affordably, and that’s where the benefits are just getting started.

What are Benefits of a Zero-Clearance Fireplace?

There are numerous benefits to having a zero-clearance fireplace in your home. ZC fireplaces have been in demand in hearth stores across the U.S., including at Marsh’s Stoves & Fireplaces. A few benefits of zero-clearance fireplaces follow:

  • Because there is virtually no buffer zone for a ZC fireplace, you can have one installed in the coziest space in your home. Imagine enjoying the pleasure of a home fire in the bedrooms, the kitchen, or even a bathroom in your home.
  • Zero-clearance fireplaces are excellent supplemental heat sources. Unlike a traditional fireplace that has an efficiency rating of under 10%, ZC fireplaces are highly efficient with ratings between 70% and 90+%.
  • ZC fireplaces can be used for zone heating. Turn off the central heating unit in your home and use the fireplace in the room you’re in.
  • There are numerous styles of zero-clearance fireplaces available. Among the options are sleek and modern, rustic, and traditional.
  • Zero-clearance fireplaces have lower overall installation costs because there are no painstaking efforts needed to protect combustible materials. Quick installation time also reduces the cost to install a zero-clearance fireplace.

What Kind of Fuel can be used in a ZC Fireplace?

When you order your ZC fireplace, choose the fuel type that best fits with your lifestyle and preference. Zero-clearance fireplaces can be fueled by wood, gas, or pellets. Wood is popular for being the least expensive fuel that provides the best ambiance. Gas is a clean-burning fuel that offers incredible convenience. Pellets are made with wood byproducts. The most efficient fireplace or stove you could use is one fueled by pellets.
Gas ZC Fireplaces - Ontario's Best Hearth StoreA ZC fireplace doesn’t mimic the look of a traditional fireplace. It often helps to have the help of experts to ensure that the ambiance created by a ZC fireplace has charm and adds to the overall look of surrounding décor.
Although masonry isn’t required, for instance, a ZC fireplace can look much more attractive when the hearth area the fireplace is installed on has been enhanced.
Why not start enjoying the benefits of a zero-clearance fireplace today? There is no need to wait because numerous styles of these beautiful ZC fireplaces are ready to be installed. Contact us at Marsh’s Stove & Fireplaces by calling (800) 906-5557. Locally, in Toronto, call (416) 762-4582.